what is miswak ?

what is miswak ? 
miswak is a piece of wood made of the root of the Savadora Persica tree which is also called the Arak tree..
Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), prophet of Islam, introduced it to the world for the first time, and it was the one and only tooth brush renowend all over the world till a century ago..
This toothbrush is 100% natural and organic with no chemicals and synthetic materials used in its production. Thanks to this toothbrush Arabs have got really white teeth and the least occurrence of tooth decay is among Arabs using it. miswak originated from the Iranian plateau on the margins of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.
Thousands of registered surveys suggest that this wood is still the most efficient toothbrush in the world.

Avecinna (Ibn Sina) in his book The Canon of Medicine asserts that using miswak as the oldest toothbrush of the world is effecive in improving tooth and mouth health.


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